Price Reduced! Hess & Hopkins Vintage Saddle Very Collectible!


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Hess & Hopkins Vintage Saddle is a true collectors item. This saddle is in good condition with the exception all the nickel spots originally on it are missing, and the leather is somewhat dry. All original fenders, riggings and other leather parts are in tack.

Hess & Hopkins Leather Company was founded by Luther M. Hess & Theodore F. Hopkins after the Civil War in 1877. At the peak of operation, the Hess & Hopkins Company employed 450 individuals and tanned 350 + steer hides per day. They specialized in saddles, harness and a multitude of other leather goods.

Mechanized farming and the automobile eroded the Hess & Hopkins Company’s   clientele base over the coming years. Although the company was very versatile, it closed in 1960 following the death of Arthur T Hopkins, the son of Theodore F Hopkins. The craftsmanship & unique designs have made these saddles very sought after by collectors.