Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are based on the total dollar amount of the order, shipped to 1 address, within the continental USA.
We will ship using standard shipping methods, with the most economical carrier of our choice including USPS, UPS, Fed-X or Speedy Delivery services.
Please contact us for rates on shipping outside USA, or for special or expedited shipping requirements.
Shipping fees are not refundable.
Return shipping  is the responsibility of the customer.

Order Totals Shipping Cost
$1 to $25 $7.00
$26 to $50 $8.00
$51 to $100 $12.00
$101 to $150 $18.00
$151 to $500 $25.00
$501 to $750 $30.00
$751 to $1050 $40.00


We also have category based shipping for used saddles and saddle pads. 

Shipping for saddle pads is $15 for the first saddle pad and $5 for each additional pad.

Saddle shipping rates.

$25 for delivery in Minnesota Wisconsin and Illinois & Iowa.
$50 for North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Michigan Indiana, Ohio Kentucky Missouri Kansas, and Nebraska.
$75 for Montana Wyoming Colorado Oklahoma Arkansas Tennessee, and Texas.
$100 for all other states.
$500 for Hawaii.
$250 for Canada.

Our goal is to make your shopping experience hassle-free.
We can help with your online order, tracking a package or any other information you need.
Delivery times are dependent upon the product, inventory status, and delivery method. Typically, orders will arrive at your home within 7-10 business days. Items shipping via common carrier can take up to three weeks to arrive. Exceptions are communicated on the product information page and in your shopping cart. In rare instances, when an in-stock item becomes unavailable after you have placed an order, you will be notified via e-mail.