Bale Handle by ReinsmanBale Handle by Reinsman

NEW! Bale Handle by Reinsman


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Take a look at this cool new product available NOW at Luck Saddlery & Outfitters! The BALE HANDLE  is the perfect tool to help make charring hay bales so much easier! It has a sure grip ergonomic handle reduces finger pain and hand fatigue. The string locking “wings” secure the hay bale handle to the hay bale and is made rugged and durable for heavy duty work! Reinsman’s Bale Handle is a patent-pending design and breakthrough in alleviating hand discomfort from moving square bales.

  • Secures the baling string with string-locking wings and has a convenient handle to make handling bales so much easier
  • Helps keep the hay bale more level to make it easier to move
  • Reduces finger strain and hand pain
  • – Sure-Grip ergonomic handle.
    – Reduce finger pain and hand fatigue.
    – Rugged, durable construction.

Keep a Bale Handle in your truck, trailer, barn, and tack room. Use it at horse shows, stock shows, barrel races, and when you’re stacking hay in the field or the barn.

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