Equibrand REM Restoration Equine Mask Size Medium


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This exciting new product from Equibrand is a game changer for anyone who needs to stall their horses overnight at events, a vet clinic or public stable where the lights are left on.  Just like us, horses need the absence of light to produce melatonin, allowing for optimal rest & recovery. Quality sleep is a big focus for todays athlete. It maximizes performance and is linked to increased levels of melatonin. Melatonin levels rise at night, with decreased light, but often our equine athletes are asked to perform at competitions, often with the lights left on most all night! The REM Mask uses blue light blocking technology to promote the natural production of melatonin for a more restful night of sleep while being exposed to artificial light. Also aids horses with eye injuries and eases travel anxiety.

This new REM masks are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large & X Large

Med-Arab/small horse
X-large- warmblood