PRICE REDUCED! Circle Y #1332 14 1/2″ Wide Fit Jatzlau Treeless Barrel Racing Saddle

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BEST PRICE On This Circle Y #1332-2456-05  Jatzlau Tulip Wide Fit Treeless Barrel Saddle.

The Fischer Tulip Treeless has beautiful rose tooling with antique tulip conchos for a gorgeous appeal. With a 4” laid back cantle and low profile swell, this saddle will appeal to riders who like to able to get up out of their seat quicker and not feel constrained by the saddle. The treeless design keeps the rider in close contact with the horse and allows the horse unrestricted movement. Fleece lined neoprene skirts are flexible, molding to your horse’s shape and bending with your horse in the turns. Forward hung stirrup leathers keep your feet from getting behind you and provide the rider great flexibility in the stirrups. Offset aluminum stirrups with rubber grips. Choose from rich regular oil or dynamic antique with black suede seat.

Saddle Fit: MEDIUM-fits most horses with a defined wither, WIDE fits most horses with a broad, or mutton, wither and foundation type conformation

• The treeless design with wood swell and cantle, but no solid bars, provides unrestricted movement for the horse, especially important during the turns-the saddle is able to move and flex with the horse
• Ultimate close contact between horse and rider-because there are no bars, the rider is able to feel the horse and better communicate through clear cues
• Leg cut swells provide a place to set your legs, and because there is no rigid tree, the rider can squeeze with your thighs, staying centered and balanced
• Fenders are forward hung to keep your feet in front, but are also free swinging to allow a wide range of motion for the legs when needed
• Neoprene skirts absorb shock and distribute the rider’s weight
• The lower, 4″ cantle, low profile swell, and medium horn suit the rider that prefers a more open seat
• Lightweight design
• Great for the horse that is hard to fit or has conformation issues, the treeless saddle will conform to each horse. Regular fit in general fits horses with a defined wither. Wide fit is generally recommended for horses that are broad or mutton withered

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