Charmayne James C11 Wool Felt Pad With Nitro GelCharmayne James C11 Wool Felt Pad With Nitro Gel

Charmayne James C11 Wool Felt Pad With Nitro Gel


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29″ x 31″ x  ¾” • Wool felt bottom • NITRO-GEL Bar Lining

This pad is solid wool felt with wool felt bottom; it’s a top choice of pad materials because of the natural shock absorption, natural moisture absorber, breathes, and is quick drying. Inside the pad’s saddle tree bar area from front to back is NITRO-GEL for an additional layer of maximum shock protection. It’s long lasting – you never have to worry about it popping. This revolutionary NITRO-GEL won’t break down, pop, or freeze!

Wool provides excellent shock protection. It will naturally wick away more moisture, release heat build up, breathe for a cooler ride, and is quick drying after use. The wool conforms to the horse’s back resulting in less slippage. The contour shape provides better fit for horses with more pronounced withers or more sway to their back and allows the saddle to fit properly.

We use heavy oiled grainout wear leathers for long lasting wear that results in less cracking or drying out. This wool saddle pad has a futurity front for wither relief and contoured for a great fit to the horse.