Just-B-Natural™ saddles by Circle Y Saddles, Inc.

Just-B-Natural™ saddles are Tree Free™ for the horse’s complete freedom of movement and comfort while the rider enjoys the closest contact next to riding bareback for the most natural ride.

Just-B-Natural™ saddles are designed for the rider who desires the ultimate close contact feel of their horse, or the horse who is hard to fit with traditional saddles, the Just-B-Natural™ saddle is Tree Free™ for the most natural ride. Made with a wood swell and cantle, but no bars, the Tree Free™ saddle looks traditional but allows the horse complete freedom of movement. Wool felt skirts with neoprene filler conform to the horse’s unique shape and aid in shock absorption and weight distribution. The Tree Free™ design and cut out skirt shape allows the rider to be in close contact and total harmony with the horse for an extremely comfortable ride.

Just-B-Natural Barrel Saddle for SaleJust-B-Natural™ Tree Free™ saddles were inspired by the natural horsemanship movement and riders who desire the most natural feel and freedom of movement for their horse, next to riding bareback. Just-B-Natural™ Tree Free™ saddles also provide a comfortable solution for horses that are difficult to fit with traditional saddles. The Tree Free™ design makes them suitable for horses of all sizes and breeds.

“Circle Y Saddles is proud to bring this new brand of saddle to the marketplace. The features and benefits of the Just-B-Natural™ saddle are so horse and rider friendly, and it is so technologically different from our traditional line, we created a stand alone brand,” said Mark Jemelka, Chief Operating Officer of Circle Y Saddles, Inc.

Just-B-Natural™ Tree Free™ saddles are hand made in Yoakum, Texas by the craftspeople at Circle Y Saddles, Inc. Circle Y started saddle manufacturing in 1960 in the small Texas town of Yoakum and is celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2010. Circle Y’s innovative products reflect the current trends in design and are ahead of the industry in technology. Circle Y continues to produce the highest quality saddles and tack with the heritage and tradition the company was founded on and looks forward to the next 50 years.

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Just B Natural Tree Free Saddles