Cleaning and Guide to Leather Care and Western Tack Safety

Clean Your Saddle

Quick and Easy

Julie Goodnight shows you how to do a routine saddle cleaning in a snap. Use a spray on glycerin based saddle cleaner and wipe off. You’re done!

If your saddle needs a little more intensive care, use our handy Guide to Leather Care to get the answers you need.

View the Guide to Leather Care

The most important aspect of saddle care is that the life of the leather depends upon the care you give it.

Most saddles experience the tough rigors of the environment, and proper care is essential to prolong their life. Use our best tips to keep your saddle in top condition.

How to Care for Roughout Leather

Roughout leather is extremely porous and behaves differently than the grain side.

To clean roughout:
Brush with a stiff brush (we have even used a wire brush on an all roughout saddle, carefully)

Some leather care products will significantly darken the roughout – sometimes temporarily or permanent

Don’t apply leather care products directly to the roughout


How to Care for Roughout Leather

Do A Complete Walk-Around Tack CheckLuck Saddlery Circle Y Saddles

Do you do a walk-around-tack-check each time you ride?

Here’s what to inspect to keep you safer in the saddle:

  • Fenders
  • Stirrup leathers
  • Tie straps
  • Cinch
  • Bridle especially Chicago screws
  • Rein connections – Anywhere leather meets metal